Static and dynamic analysis of unreinforced masonry wall using finite element modeling in senate hall building

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Contributor list: Ambareesh Kumar, Kumar Pallav
Publication year: 2018


The paper is focused on the static and dynamic analysis of unreinforced masonry wall. The masonry wall of senate hall building is constructed with the combination of brick and mortar. The wall thickness varies from 1.5m to 0.6m through ground floor to the second floor. The geometrical plan and elevation of masonry wall is prepared from in-situ survey and old geometrical drawing of the building using AutoCAD design software. The finite element modelling of masonry wall has been modelled from macro modelling approaches on ANSYS simulation software. During gravity analysis of masonry wall, the maximum stress 0.758MPa on first floor stone panel columns and maximum deformation 17.87mm on top of the masonry wall has observed. Dynamic analysis of masonry wall has evaluated the mode shapes and frequencies, first three modal frequency is evaluating 0.703, 0.844, 1.23Hz respectively. Finally, the maximum stress and deformation behavior of FE analysis of masonry wall have compared from the actual behavior of masonry wall of the senate hall building.


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