Application of nanotechnology in concrete and supplementary cementitious materials: a review for sustainable construction



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Contributor list: Olafusi OS, Sadiku ER, Snyman J, Ndambuki JM, Kupolati WK

Place: CHAM

Publication year: 2019

Journal acronym: SN APPL SCI

Volume number: 1

Issue number: 6

Number of pages: 8

ISSN: 2523-3963

eISSN: 2523-3971

Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)

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The increasing research endeavors on nanotechnology encompasses a number of disciplines including the aspects of sustainable construction in civil and environmental engineering. Tremendous achievements have been reported on nanotechnology adoption on sustainable construction, but there are so much more to explore than has been achieved. Some of the advancements on the adoption of nanotechnology on sustainable construction, includes the enhancement of the rheology, strength and durability properties of concrete; which has been proved to be hinged on the nanoscopic characteristics of its constituent. Any modification at the nanoscopic level of concrete and its constituent influences its behavior, including its strength and durability characteristics. Hence, it is projected that the performance of concrete and sustainable construction materials in the future would be greatly enhanced by the application of nanotechnology to manipulate the atoms and molecules of these materials and their constituents at the nanoscale.


Cement, Concrete, microstructure, Nanotechnology, Supplementary cementitious materials, Sustainable construction materials


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