Integration of YouTube Video Clips in Economics Education Programme: Perspectives From Bloemfontein, South Africa

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Contributor list: Kimanzi M

Publisher: True scholar Research Limited

Place: London

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 307

End page: 314

Number of pages: 8

ISBN: 421-0341-9040-030


The use of media in teaching and learning has widely received wide attention in the past few years. With the advent of internet in the 21st century, availability of educational media in higher education has been made accessible to institutions of higher learning. One of the most popular media is the use of YouTube video clips by university lecturers. Faced with challenges in student teachers’ level of understanding in Economics, the use of YouTube video clips as a pedagogical tool to help students understand complex topics has become tantamount in the new age. This empirical study aimed at exploring the impact of integration of YouTube videos in Economics on student performance. A quantitative study was adopted, where questionnaires were distributed randomly to second year Bachelor of Education students majoring in Economics. Descriptive and correlation tests were used to analyse the findings. The findings indicated that there was significant positive correlation between the integration of Economics YouTube video clips in teaching and learning and improvement in academic performance. Comparing groups between males and females, male students showed greater interest in use of Economics YouTube video clips compared to female students in all the aspects measured. It is recommended that the use of Economics YouTube be encouraged to all the Economics students, with more emphasis on the female students.


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