Determining optimal scanning speed for laser sintering of CP75 polypropylene powder

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Contributor list: Nsengimana J, Van der Walt JG, Langner EHG, De Beer DJ

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 303

End page: 314

Number of pages: 12


Polypropylene (PP) is one of the polymeric materials that can be processed through LS and offers a
good combination of physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties with a good
strength to weight ratio. The optimal laser scanning speed was determined for LS a commercial CP75
PP powder supplied by Diamond Plastics GmbH. In combination with other process parameters as
recommended by the supplier of the powder, scanning speeds ranging from 1481 to 1600 mm/s were
found to be optimal for acceptable mechanical properties, surface finish and dimensional accuracy
for an EOS P380 LS machine. Elongation at break was however found to be constantly low.


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