Design and Performance Evaluation of Horizontal-Shaft Palm Kernel Cracking Machine

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Contributor list: Idowu David Ibrahim, Tamba Jamiru, Olive Sofuwa, Onyema J Onuoha, Rotimi Emmanuel Sadiku, Williams Kehinde Kupolati

Publication year: 2016

Start page: 337

End page: 341

Number of pages: 5



The need to support the small and medium scale industries involved in palm kernels, led to the design, fabrication and evaluation of a horizontal shaft palm kernel cracking machine. All the materials were sourced locally in Nigeria which makes it affordable for small and medium scale farmers involved with palm kernel. The basic features of the machine include a horizontal shaft, hopper, cracking chamber, pulleys, bearings with housing, discharge outlet and electric motor (prime mover). The mean efficiency of the machine under good operating conditions is 75.5%. The production cost of the machine excluding electric motor was estimated to be one hundred and fifty-one dollar forty-sixcents (US$151.46), based on the exchange rate when it was manufactured. The cost can further be reduced, if mass-produced.


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