Manufacturing of durable furniture for rural households in South Africa using glass reinforced polymers

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Contributor list: Nyangani Mtimkulu, Tamba Jamiru, Lodewyk Beneke, Khumbulani Mpofu, Raisibe Pheme

Publication year: 2018



A number of South African rural households experience problems with roof

leakage and flooding during rainy seasons and it results in the damage to their

furniture. In most cases, the furniture is manufactured out of wood and these materials

are not designed to withstand exposure of water for prolonged duration of time, their

exposure limit is especially low that they can withstand enough water for cleaning. This

paper aims to provide ordinary South Africans with durable, water resistant and

aesthetically appealing furniture by providing the technical shrewdness for

manufacturing the furniture using glass reinforced polymer (GRP) material. The

employment of the recommendations from this paper will not only provide a solution to

the green environment by saving the trees but also provide the personalized shapes and

designs at economical costs, quicker as well as the creation of job opportunities for

communities thus adding to the country’s gross domestic product.


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