Production and application of advanced composite materails in rail cars development: propsoect in South African Industry

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Contributor list: ID Ibrahim, T Jamiru, ER Sadiku, WK Kupolati, K Mpofu, AA Eze, CA Uwa

Publication year: 2019

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The business hub of any society in the developed and/or developing nations are characterized by constantly growing population, which is a result of industrialization and urbanization. This growth often necessitates infrastructural development (better, safer, faster and cheaper means of transportation of goods and services), high energy demand and environmental decay (high emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere leading global warming). In order to resolve the problems, there is a need to develop improved lightweight polymeric composite materials, which can be used in the construction and transportation industries. The research focused on developing natural fiber reinforced recycled polypropylene (PP) nanocomposites. The fiber was treated with 5% alkaline solution for 2 hours at 60 oC in a vacuum oven. The fiber (10, 20, 30 and 40 %wt), nanoclay (1, 3, 5 %wt) and compatibilizer were melt blend with the recycled PP. Based on the results, it was observed that fiber treatment, increasing fiber contents and nanoparticles increased the overall strength and thermal stability of the prepared composites. The rate of moisture absorption was equally enhanced. The material developed can be used to produce seats and backrest for passage train and other interior part of the passenger train.


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