Water absorption and thermal degradation behavior of graphene reinforced poly (lactic) acid nanocomposite

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Contributor list: Adesina OT, Jamiru T,Sadiku ER, Ogunbiyi OF, Adegbola TA

Publication year: 2019

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Thermal stability and high moisture absorption behaviour are major limitations of extensive application of the biodegradable poly(lactic) acid in a variety of technical application which includes the automotive sector. The use of nano fillers and appropriate processing techniques is being considered as a possible route to improve the performance of poly (lactic acid) composites. This study presents the improved performance of PLA composite via the novel processing technique of SPS. The response of the developed composite subjected to moisture absorption over a time range of 6 hrs, 12 hrs and 36 hrs indicated a negligible water uptake. Moreso, the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) test on the composite reveals thermal stability from room temperature up until 400° C for all the samples. The thermal degradation of the composite was observed above 400°C, indicating a substantial enhancement in its thermal property.


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