Mechanical performance of GNP/PLA nanocomposite under varied SPS process parameters

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Contributor list: Adesina OT, Jamiru T, Sadiku ER, Durowoju MO, Ogunbiyi OF

Publication year: 2019

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The study examines the mechanical performance of GNP/PLA nanocomposite developed under varied SPS process parameters. The samples were fabricated using a novel Spark Plasma Sintering technique. In this research, the effect of sintering process in terms of sintering pressure and temperature has been studied by focusing on the mechanical properties of GNP/PLA nanocomposites. The densification of the samples was obtained via the Archimedes' principle while hardness results was obtained using the micro hardness tester. The results show that the density and hardness increased with increasing sintering temperature and pressure. The samples were prepared under uniaxial pressure of 20 MPa and 30 MPa. The sintering temperature of 135 °C and 160 °C was used in developing the samples. The synergetic influence of these process parameters and graphene inclusion was significant in obtaining above 99% densification and with a concurrent enhancement in the hardness property of the developed composite.


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