Development and utilization OF Polymers in Biomedical Applications

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Contributor list: Ibrahim ID, Jamiru T, Sadiku ER, Hamam Y

Publication year: 2019

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In recent decades, composites made of polymers have drawn substantial interest for applications in the industries like construction, automobile, electronics, packaging, aviation, just to mention a few. Another critical area where polymer-based composite materials have found remarkable applications is in the biomedical field. This is a result of the valuable properties like lightweight, easy processing, flexibility, high-strength-to-weight, recyclability and availability. Polymers used for biomedical applications should be biodegradable, biocompatible, non-toxic and meet the right specification for which the material is design for because the human body is constantly in direct contact with the materials. Therefore, the study reported on the method of preparation, improvement of properties and the applications of various polymer-based composites in the human body. From the result, mechanical and physical properties of polymeric composites were improved by the inclusion of nanoparticles.


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