A hierarchy of self-renewing tumor-initiating cell types in glioblastoma

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Start date: 01/04/2010

End date: 01/03/2015


The neural stem cell marker CD133 is reported to identify cells within glioblastoma (GBM) that can initiate neurosphere growth and tumor formation; however, instances of CD133(-) cells exhibiting similar properties have also been reported. Here, we show that some PTEN-deficient GBM tumors produce a series of CD133(+) and CD133(-) self-renewing tumor-initiating cell types and provide evidence that these cell types constitute a lineage hierarchy. Our results show that the capacities for self-renewal and tumor initiation in GBM need not be restricted to a uniform population of stemlike cells, but can be shared by a lineage of self-renewing cell types expressing a range of markers of forebrain lineage.


  • Glioblastoma
  • Tumor-Initiating Cell Types

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