Coolant pump (CP2)

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Start date: 12/01/2008

End date: 10/04/2010



It is reported that Einstein and his colleague Leo Szilard were motivated by a tragic accident with the then usual toxic refrigerants, with regard to research on safe refrigerators. One of the registered by Einstein and Szilard patents concerned an electrodynamic pump for a conductive coolant. In the United States both received for the fridge, U.S. Patent No. 1,781,541 on 11 November 1930 granted. [33] Although Einstein was able to sell several of its patents, among others, AEG and Electrolux, its refrigerators have been demolished since 1929 the safe refrigerant Freon has been introduced and thus the Einstein's patents were obsolete at a stroke. At one point, Einstein's invention has still survived: The pump for the coolant in fast breeder reactors, namely for liquid sodium are still designed according to Einstein's principle.


  • Physical theory

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