Step Reckoner (STEPRECK)

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Start date: 01/09/2003

End date: 04/09/2005



A Leibniz wheel or stepped drum was a cylinder with a set of teeth of incremental lengths which, when coupled to a counting wheel, was used in the calculating engine of a class of mechanical calculators. Invented by Leibniz in 1673, it was used for three centuries until the advent of the electronic calculator in the mid-1970s. Leibniz built a machine called the Stepped Reckoner based on that design in 1694.[1] It was made famous by Thomas de Colmar when he used it, a century and a half later, in his Arithmometer, the first mass-produced calculating machine.[2] It was also used in the Curta calculator, a very popular portable calculator introduced in the second part of the 20th century.


Stepped Reckoner

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